Special Thanks …

Now that you have read a bit about me, I must take a moment to appropriately thank the one very special woman who has been integral to me becoming the dominant woman that I am today — Ms. Nikki.

Ms. Nikki was crucial to my development and growth. I started under her tutelage over 20 years ago. The foundation and the building blocks of my formal dominant career all came from her power, strength, elegance, intelligent, wit, and charisma. She was my mentor, my teacher, and has become one of my closest friends.

After 11 years of learning and practicing under her, Ms. Nikki transitioned out of BDSM, and I decided to work independently. Going out on my own would not have been possible without Ms. Nikki’s extreme generosity, and the encyclopedia of knowledge that I gained from her through the years.

Much of the equipment and furniture that I still proudly use today were gifts from her, as well as the website that she designed and built for me. But, the thing I am most thankful for is, our continued close friendship and special bond. Thank You Ms. Nikki!

And, fortunately for all of you, after an extended hiatus, Ms. Nikki has decided to return to BDSM.

While Ms. Nikki was the key to my formative years, I would like to take a moment to thank some of the women that I have had the opportunity to get to know more recently. After seven years of working strictly independently, and rarely willing to do double Domme sessions, I met some truly gifted, intelligent, professional and wonderful dominant women.

The excitement of double sessions, and the opportunity to be able to refer some of my subs to women I felt confident in, when I was unavailable, has been great, and I would like to thank Mistress Nadia, Mistress Anya, Mistress Alicia, Mistress Tess, and Mistress Victoria.

Play has is also been enhanced by incorporating some the lovely switches that I have met through Kat at The Art of Submission — thank you ladies for sweetening my playtime with your unique styles and personalities.

Another special thank you to all the photographers I’ve worked with over the years helping to capture the essence of who I am on film.  Many thanks to Scott Church, Stephen Ciuccoli, Angelo Amichevole, and Luke Ratray.

Lastly, I would like to thank my very dedicated and hard-working subs — the tagged and collared — and all of you who continue to make me proud year after year after year, proving you know that disappointing me is NOT AN OPTION!

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