Mistress Nadia

I am a lifestyle Mistress with over 16 years of experience as a professional Dominatrix. My styles range from playful, sensual scenarios to extremely sophisticated power play. I am by nature a sensual yet demanding mistress. I have been told that the sound of my voice, soothing yet stern has the ability to send you into a euphoric mind space.

One of the most powerful moods that a mistress can set to a submissive is to arrange a cocktail of feelings, a mixture of thoughts, frequently over-lapping and contradicting one another. What excites me the most is to expose your vulnerabilities and emotional nakedness. I will create an ambience for you that will make you feel safe and secure as a whole yet punctured by rattling moments of fear.

My likes are far too extensive to list here, but below are some of my favorites. If you have something specific that is not on my list, please inquire with me directly.

Role-play is one of my favorite activities, there is no limit to my imagination, and I’m always open up to hearing new ideas.

Elaborate Bondage and Sensory Deprivation – need I say more?

Behavior Modification through the means of Discipline

Medical Scenes: I come from a medical background and love to do elaborate scenarios, I am extensively trained in this and use only the most sterile techniques.

Chastity: I love to play games, especially while in public. The thought of a powerful man dressed to impress yet wearing a tight device around his genitals it pure excitement to me.

Fetishism: I have an arsenal of toys and tools of the trade, an extensive fetish wardrobe to compliment any scene, and a devastating wit that will bring you to your knees.

Tease and Denial: Nothing is more exciting than making a man quiver at my touch, making him beg for me while remaining intangible.

I take pleasure in introducing novices and exploring the extremes with advanced players.

Each session I give is personalized the way I see fit, but I will take your wants and needs into consideration. Expect your limits to be tested and respected.

My limits – Do not ask me for these!

Email: nadia@mistressnadia.com

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