Portrait of a Dominatrix, The Story

By Morgan O’Connor
December 2, 2002

I have seen the future of domination, and her name is Natalie. And even better than that, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with this exceptional individual the other day and ask a series of questions in a relaxed and unhurried setting. The results were eye opening and revelatory.

Now, if you’re a man who has been around the block with professional domination in Manhattan, you’ve seen a variety of styles, from the ultra-sophisticated self-employed to dangerous and unattractive sadists on the verge of a complete break with reality. Discouraging! The sinking feeling when you’re tied up and facing a lunatic with no brains or consideration for the subtleties and nuance of the BDSM world is a crushing waste of time and money, not to mention the obvious dangers both physically and emotionally. But what if there were a person clever and sensitive enough to help you actualize and even exceed your fantasies?


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