My sessions are extremely versatile, giving me the flexibility to entertain my diverse BDSM interests. I enjoy scenes at my studio, double Dom sessions, double sessions with female switches, sessions with female subs and couples, multi-hour /multi-day sessions, traveling out of NYC to session, and giving BDSM lessons.

Studio Sessions

I have an extensively equipped, private and intimate play-space centrally located in midtown Manhattan. This is where I prefer to play. My studio allows me the freedom to indulge my broad spectrum of kinky activities outfitted with a bondage bed, spanking horse, St. Andrew’s cross, high ceiling suspension, sleep sack, straitjackets, and various other bondage gear. It is well-stocked with a variety of toys and implements for every kind of torture and torment including whips, paddles, canes, crops, E-stim units with multiple attachments, nipple clamps, Venus 2000, and much more. It has a medical area with examination table, stirrups, and an arsenal of intimidating medical tools. There is also a private bathroom and shower. My studio is my sanctuary and you will see it will become yours too.

Extended Sessions

As I mentioned in my specialties I truly enjoy extending play time out into the public and making it a totally immersive experience. I enjoy scenes that can last many hours, a full day, or several days.  They may be held at my studio, be brought outside, involve some travel, other play parties and or a combination there of.  Understand I do NOT do extended sessions (anything over 3 hours) unless we already have an established relationship and my studio is not a hotel, there are no sleeping accommodations available. For scenes that last more than one day you must have a hotel or place to sleep (which of course can also be incorporated into the scene.) Extended scenes leave you completed enveloped in my world.

Double Sessions

It is always extraordinarily overwhelming when I incorporate another party to my scenes. Whether it’s one of my favorite Dom’s or switches I can guarantee it will be very intense.  I am A LOT to handle on my own, adding to that makes things exponentially more powerful.  If you like things to the excess then you may be up for that challenge.

Female Subs and Couples

You will note I generally refer to my subs as he, in the masculine, but do not let that fool you as I  adore sessions with female subs.  My sessions are NOT limited to men alone.  Since my female slaves are in the minority they all hold a very special place in my stable.  I am always very eager  meet a new female sub.  Enhancing an already established BDSM relationship by adding to a couples play in my studio is always a unique experience that I have always enjoyed.


My studio is my preferred environment for sessioning, but I do love travel when appropriate. I don’t travel to other cities or countries on own, but I will join you on a trip upon request. I require travel expenses, my own hotel accommodations, and a minimum of one full day’s tribute in order to to meet you outside of New York. If you really want to entice me to visit you, I highly suggest you come armed with knowledge of the best restaurants in your area and reservations.


If you are single (or a couple), who wants to learn more about BDSM I am eager to share the knowledge I have gained in my 20+ years of practice.  Lessons are tailored to your particular interests.  One-on-one instruction in my studio where you can learn about any and all of your BDSM and kink curiosities. It is an open and safe environment will you will get information from a very qualified source.

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