My interest and expertise in BDSM is fairly comprehensive (see my Profile form for more of my interests), but I do feel that I have a unique set of specialties. Some have been with me from the beginning, and others have developed over the years.  I excel at role-play, slut training/ sissification, medical play, and, in more recent years, I have developed a sinister love of “kinky coaching”, and discreet public play.

I started in the scene in 1993 at a role-play house called Village Fantasies. In my first year, I was initiated into the fetish world through elaborate role-play scenarios. The whimsical escapism and kinky fetishism were a perfect mix, and I loved it.  Taking my subs through complicated scenes was exhilarating and my passion for it has not dwindled over the years.  I am open to accepting detailed scripts and ideas that I can expand upon to make the scene my very own. It’s easy for me to take a basic theme and develop it into a complete scenario.

My history with slut training and sissification is as long as my history with role-play, but I am even more passionate about it today than ever before. At Village Fantasies, when I was only 18, I wore a strap-on for the first time. We didn’t have an actual harness at that time, and I learned the technique of stuffing the cock into my jeans while keeping the button closed and zipper open to hold the cock.

When I looked at myself in the mirror I found it so kinky and empowering.  It made all my cylinders fire, and obviously, left a serious impression on my, still developing brain. During my time under Ms. Nikki’s tutelage, I honed my slut training skills, it became one of my specialties, and it remains that way to this day.

My fascination with all things medical started when I was very young. I wanted to be a doctor, but after several years of working in a doctors office in high school I realized I had no interest in actually entering the bureaucratic, bullshit-ridden, medical industry.  This, however, did not dull my medical fascination.  Luckily, through role-play, and the use of an actual medical area at Ms. Nikki’s, I was able to continue to explore my fantasies.

My current studio has a small but extensively equipped medical area that I love to play in.  I have acquired quite an extensive repertoire of medical techniques, and my medical skills are considered stellar. It never gets old to live out my schoolgirl fantasy of being Dr. Natalie.

For years I utilized the services of personal trainers in my quest for fitness, and I spent a tremendous amount of time researching health. I also became a certified life coach. These skills helped me develop a new passion — kinky coaching.

My subs must meet a specific set of goals, and I use all of my devious, sadistic, humiliating, and cruel techniques that I have honed over the years to this end — goals are highly individualized and can be absolutely anything at all. Obvious ones being weight loss, the breaking bad habits and forming new good habits, time management, and prioritizing. My arsenal of both psychological and physical tactics ensure that the set goals are met. This usually requires a heavily regimented program where dedication and hard work on the part of the sub is mandatory.  I exert a tremendous amount of control and there are powerful elements of reward and punishment; frequently, a contract is signed to guarantee success. I am relentless in making sure the stated goals are met.

My interest in discreet public play has increased over the years (at about the same time as my desire to attend fetish clubs or play parties dwindled). Forty is fast approaching, and I feel I lived my early party years to the fullest, so it rarely holds any allure anymore.  These days I find much it more sexy and intriguing to play, discreetly, in public places. I love taking my subs out and about for clandestine play, and level of discretion can go from absolute to mild.

A few fun recent examples of this include attending a burlesque show with a sub in super tight chastity, a shopping excursion with a sub wearing lingerie and tight nipple clamps under his business suit, or fitting my sub with my remote control Eros Tek before heading out to dinner to Le Bernardin, and using the remote to zap him just as he is about to take a sip of wine.  Maybe I’ll sneak off with his empty glass of wine and come back from the bathroom with it full, or we’ll visit a sauna/spa after I’ve made him wear thong panties under his shorts, so as he sweats, and they get wet and tight the thong becomes more visible. So many delicious possibilities, but shhhhh, they will be our secret.

While these are some of my unique specialities, I have an deep interest, and am highly skilled in countless other areas of BDSM and fetish play.  Just ask …

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